At Ravenfield we understand that not all customers need an expensive instrument so we offer a range of laboratory services, and we also provide a range of ancillary services for engineering.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory offers a sample testing service using top quality Ravenfield instruments.

We test to ASTM D 4741 / CEC L-36-A-90 / IP 370 using our HTHS instruments and to ASTM D 5293 using our CS rheometers. We can also test fuel oils to ASTM D 3245 with the Ferranti Portable Viscometer and perform density determination to ASTM

In our laboratory we also have available cone and plate, parallel plate and cylinder viscometers.

Samples can be submitted by customers for viscosity determination on any Ravenfield model. We can test (& have tested) :-

* Fresh Oils
* Used Oils
* Crude Oil
* Paper Coatings
* Photographic Fluids
* Foodstuffs

We can test under standard or unusual test conditions, subject to the test material being within the range of our laboratory instruments.

HTHS tests can be carried out at a wide range of shear rates and temperatures on our BS/C+ instruments – these have a more powerful motor than the standard BS/C model giving a wider test range. If you need to test used oils but do not wish to do the measurements in your laboratory we will test them for you in ours.

HTHS flow curve generation is available across a wide range of temperatures and shear rates. Contact us for more information on this service.

We have also photographed greases at temperatures down to -50°C to investigate crystallisation.

Should you have a test requirement not covered by any standard method we will give it our full consideration in order to find you an answer. Ravenfield are willing to modify existing equipment and procedures to come up with solutions for their customers – a truly bespoke service for viscosity testing.

For more information on laboratory services contact Lizzy Taylor

Machineshop Services

We have a fully equipped CNC based machine shop, ideally suited for small quantity and prototype production. Please contact us for details.

If the part you require is tricky, or unusually precise or just plain difficult, why not try us out?