We all rely on our laboratory instruments to give us precise results, but precise results rely on precise instruments, good technique and last but not least high quality reference materials. Ravenfield are pleased to be able to supply first rate viscosity standards, manufactured and tested with the utmost attention to detail and traceable to National Standards.

High Temperature Standards

Ravenfield Designs Limited are a designated stock holder of CEC Reference Oils RL 102 to RL 107 and RL174. All RL coded oils are overseen and approved for use with CEC standard test methods. The standard test methods which apply to Ravenfield HTHS viscometers specify the use of Newtonian oils RL 102 to 107 for calibration purposes and RL174 as a non-Newtonian reference oil. Viscosity values are available at temperatures between 40°C and 150°C as required. These standards are all held in stock for immediate despatch.

Low Temperature Standards

Ravenfield can now supply a new range of precision low temperature reference oils that meet or exceed the industry standard range of CL oils. The whole range of CL type oils is available, in 500 millilitre bottles with full certification. These oils were originally designed for cold cranking tests but are suitable for many low temperature applications.

General Purpose Standards

In addition to the above specialist reference oils we also supply a full range of industry standard viscosity reference materials. These are suitable for calibrating a wide variety of equipment, including cone and plate, rotary and glass tube viscometers. Each standard is certified over a range of temperatures between 20°C and 100°C as detailed in the attached table.

Ordering, Shipment and Payment

All the above standards can be ordered by email, fax +44 1706 360472, phone +44 1706 369307 or post.

We ship the above standards by reputable carrier (but not FedEx or UPS as their UK operations do not carry oils).

Established customers will be invoiced for payment at 30 days. New customers will receive their goods on receipt of payment of the pro forma invoice. We can accept payment by Visa , Mastercard, transfer of funds direct to our bankers or sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank. We cannot accept cheques in currencies other than sterling and/or drawn overseas.